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Welcome to the pain-relief revolution!

The Get-Buffed Power Massager makes the best handheld massager on the market for runners, athletes, and anyone living with pain. Get-Buffed is here to revolutionize the way you treat your sore and stiff muscles.

As some people have already found, using an orbital buffer is a great way to literally buff your sore muscles – reducing or eliminating soreness, pain, and/or stiffness. However, using an orbital buffer alone is simply not safe. It’s very easy to get loose clothing, hair, or jewelry caught – which can not only ruin these things, but can also be very dangerous. By covering your orbital buffer with our unique Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad, you can safely use an orbital buffer, not only is it safer, but the smooth neoprene cover also glides better over skin and clothing making it feel amazing!

Our Power Massage Pad is designed to transform an orbital buffer into a safe and comfortable at-home massager that won’t suck clothing, hair, or jewelry into it. The Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad is an innovative and cost-effective way to get the results you’ve been looking for without compromising on safety or comfort.


The Science Behind the Get-Buffed Handheld Massager

The Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad provides an easy-to-use solution to your troubling muscle   or joint stiffness, soreness, and pain, and is even backed by science.

The University of Winona published two studies that detail what happens to your body when you use a orbital buffer for only one minute as a tool to heal and rejuvenate muscles. In the first study, they used two groups: both did the same amount of exercise, but only one group used a orbital buffer afterward. The results were amazing, the group that used the buffer saw increases in range of motion not only beyond the control group but increases over their pre-workout range of motion as well.  Other benefits were an increase in pressure tolerance and a decrease in pain! Click here to read more from this study.

The second study focused on what happens to a person’s blood flow when using an orbital buffer as a massager. This study also had two groups, one that used the orbital buffer and one that did not. The researchers found that the group using the orbital buffer to address muscle soreness, stiffness, and pain found that “the application of the handheld buffer improved blood flow and artery diameter, supporting its use to enhance circulation.” 

Combined, these two studies support our mission to create a product that can easily and safely increase blood flow and improve range of motion for people using it. Helping people to safely feel better and recover faster.  We’ve been able to do just that with our Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad. 

Given what we know about muscles and exercise, we were looking to create a product that could do two main things – increase the blood flow to the affected areas and improve the person’s range of motion. In doing so, the vast majority of people report much less muscle and joint pain. Additionally, we wanted this product to create a safe and affordable at-home massager that not only worked but felt fantastic as well!. A good hunch about what could work, coupled with a bit of trial and error, led us to create the Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad. 

The Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad is designed to fit perfectly on a Ryobi orbital buffer to be used as a safe and effective at-home massager. Simply massage your stiff and sore muscles, and you’ll notice it really does do the two things we set out to accomplish, and better yet – it is truly safe and affordable and anyone can use it!

Curious to see it in action? Click here to hear from our customers. Order a Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad for yourself, here.

Meet the Mastermind

Mark Rise is the owner and founder of Power Massage Products and Muscle Restoration Therapy – where he offers a unique combination of manual therapy techniques and treatments learned from massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic to help heal the body as fast as possible. He has always had a passion for helping others and delivering positive results. Mark has long been an advocate for using innovative treatments to help people feel better. His approach is unique and life-changing for the people he works with.

For almost 2 decades Mark has used his experience, education, and training, as well as extensive research, to design a unique, healing practice for his clients. This passion to heal led him to start experimenting with at-home remedies to help people recover from muscle soreness in between visits, and to help people living afar. He tried many combinations of products, had many failed prototypes, and perfected his product for many years before finding the right solution. These years of innovation have led him to create the perfect at-home muscle soreness relief product – the Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad.

This affordable massager is the cumulation of many years of working directly with patients, listening to their needs, and the willingness to think outside the box. Get-Buffed has excellent reviews and is currently being used by countless people around the country to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness and to recover from injury or activity more quickly. 

If you’re ready to feel your best, take advantage of Mark’s many years of experience. Purchase your Get-Buffed handheld massager pad today. All you need is our Get-Buffed Power Massage Pad and a regular Ryobi orbital buffer to get started!